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Brett. I'm 20, Music Industry major at University of New Haven. I write for a music blog called and do Marketing for Purebred Records. My girlfriend Sarah Zabavski is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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Anonymous said: Why not do all the colors cutie

red: seven insecurities
1. My height
2. My weight
3. My psoriasis
4. My intelligence…or lack there of
5. My personality
6. My body type
7. Confidence
orange: six pet peeves
1. One word responses like “oh” or “k”
2. Not cleaning up after yourself
3. Not being polite
Can’t think of any others at the moment
yellow: five turn ons
Lip biting, nose rings, blondes, when my girlfriend sexually moans in my ear, and getting my back scratched up during sex
green: four life goals
Be successful in the music industry, live in California for a portion of my life (specifically LA), have a family, be happy
blue: three fears
I’m afraid of being alone, I’m afraid of not being successful, I’m afraid of dying
indigo: two weaknesses
I’m not good with confrontation and when I get nervous I talk really fast
violet: one thing you love
It’s cliche but my girlfriend

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Happy 75th Birthday, Old Chum
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“Hey Phil, what’s your favorite color?”
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Is this a real episode
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The Great Orion Nebula